Top tips to enjoy festival season without a hearing loss hangover


Glastonbury may have passed but Festival Season is still well and truly underway which is good news for music lovers but can be bad news for our ears unless we take steps to protect them.

Most cases of deafness are caused by damage to the tiny hair cells in the inner ear. This damage can be caused by too much noise, and it’s permanent. Noise-related hearing loss is usually irreversible these days it’s recreational loud noise that’s the main problem, especially from MP3 players, and noisy clubs and music gigs. That’s thought to be why hearing loss is increasingly affecting younger people.

These dangers are just as serious at an open-air music festival as they are in an indoor nightclub. Action on Hearing Loss recommends wearing reusable earplugs for music, standing away from the speakers and taking regular breaks from the loudest areas.

NHS Choices have produced a helpful guide to noise levels and noise exposure, with some tips to protect hearing.

Lead Audiologist at Hearing Wales, Ben Davies said:

“There’s nothing like listening to your favourite bands live and enjoying the festival spirit, but if you have ringing in your ears or dull hearing after listening to loud music, you have been listening at too high a volume for too long. However, you may still be damaging your hearing even if you don’t have these symptoms.

“Using earplugs a live music events can help prevent long term damage, particularly if you go to a lot of gigs. Staying away from the speakers at concerts and taking care not to use your MP3 player at high volume or for too long without a break can also help protect you from future hearing loss.”