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As HEARING WALES is an independent hearing healthcare business, we are able to work with all the best global hearing aid manufacturers, to deliver the best digital hearing aid system for you and your needs. This way, we are able to supply you with the very latest in technology, and hearing aids of the highest quality.

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We only offer the very latest hearing aids from each manufacturer, giving you peace of mind that you are getting the best hearing aid equipment at the best price backed up with real service and aftercare.

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That’s 0% Finance On All Hearing Aids At Hearing Wales

We are offering 0% finance on hearing aids at Hearing Wales. Not just that, we are offering interest free hearing aids with £0 deposit.


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You can pick your re-payment terms with payments made over 6, 12 or 18 months, whichever suits you and your budget best.

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Phonak are a Swiss manufacturer, ranking among the top 3 worldwide. Their innovative designs combined with arguably the best technology available ensure their popularity in the hearing aid market. Currently represented in over 100 countries, they have demonstrated impressive progress over their 50 years in the business.

Danish company Widex are privately owned manufacturers who were considered the first pioneers into digital technology, producing the world’s first fully digital hearing aid in 1995. Inventive developments such as this secure their place among the top 6 hearing aid manufacturers worldwide. Moreover, their products have been described as unique in terms of sound quality, with customers reporting a softer, smoother sound from their hearing aids.

Danish company Resound have been manufacturing hearing aids since 1943, naturally growing through acquisition. In the last 20 years especially, they have brought widespread and successful innovations to the market. Perhaps most notable was the introduction of the world’s first open technology hearing aid, the Resound Air. Recently, they have also developed one of the few truly wireless devices that does not require a neck loop or pocket device.

Starkey is the only USA based manufacturer, who have recently become a serious contender in the hi-tech arena. Rivalling the dominant Swiss and Danish manufacturers, their range of unique and ground-breaking products ranges from water resistant covers to an IPhone app that allows you to control your hearing aid wirelessly. Their particular strength lies with ‘invisible aids’ that sit deep in the ear canal, which is especially efficient in noisy environments.

Siemens is a well-known German company, with technologies that span a multitude of industries. Founder Werner von Siemens invented the Phonophor receiver and became a pioneer for many other inventions in the field of audiology. Whilst they are not primarily known for their involvement in the hearing aid market, they have been producing robust and high quality hearing aids for over 100 years and are reputably the largest manufacturer of hearing aids worldwide.

Marking 50 years of business in 2014, Unitron are a Canadian company who also work alongside Phonak. They have a strong emphasis on the importance of exceptional customer service, caring for the personal relationships between supplier, hearing care professionals and clients. They offer a lower cost alternative to Phonak’s more premium designs, whilst also offering their own high quality innovations. They offer a similar level of technology for excellent value for money, and superb sound quality.

Founded over 100 years ago, Oticon is among the leading 3 manufacturers in terms of sales volume worldwide. Oticon are partnered with Bernafon, and whilst their technologies are very similar, Orticon and their products are often described as the premium brand in comparison to Bernafon’s lower cost alternative. They offer a full and comprehensive range of features, styles and colours, ensuring a personal touch to their hearing aids.