Ear Wax Removal – Microsuction

Specialist Earwax Removal in Swansea

HEARING WALES is the only hearing aid company in Wales that offers free Ear Wax Removal to all of our customers with our very own Specialist Nurse.

This service is offered in our dedicated Treatment Room in our Swansea Branch.

Home appointments can also be offered for a small fee – please ask!

Hearing Wales - Microsuction Treatment Clinic Swansea

Types of Earwax Removal Available

We offer two types of earwax removal in Swansea, irrigation earwax removal and microsuction earwax removal.

Earwax Removal Home Visits Across Wales

We offer home visit appointments throughout Wales, however they can only be offered for a small fee – please enquire with us about the details for your area. This service can be paticularly useful if you or someone you know finds it difficult to visit the GP surgery. It may be useful to know that we also offer Ear Wax Removal in Nursing Homes.

Complimentary Ear Wax Removal to all of our customers

HEARING WALES offers complimentary Ear Wax Removal to all of our customers in branch as part of their five star aftercare plan. For non customers there is a charge of £45 for irrigation earwax removal

Earwax Removal Prices

Our prices for earwax removal services are as follows

  Customer Type  In Branch Irrigation     Home Visit Irrigation                Microsuction
Existing Customer Free £45 for 2 ears £30 for one ear, £50 for Two
Non Customer £45 £75 £40 for one ear, £60 For Two

Call us on 01792 650 894 or click here to get in touch with us.

Ear Wax Removal - Microsuction

The Problem With Earwax

Hearing Aid Users can sometimes suffer from a build up of Ear Wax, and without the proper treatment, it may prevent the wearer from getting the most from the hearing system.

At HEARING WALES, it makes sense to us to offer both the provision of Hearing Aids and Ear Wax Removal all under the one roof!


Ear wax is a normal, healthy substance that helps to protect our ears from infection. It usually breaks down naturally and falls out of the ears in tiny flakes. If you wear a hearing aid, or have a narrow or curving ear canal, the wax may build up in your ear, causing discomfort, a sensation of fullness or some loss of hearing and you may not get the best results from your hearing aid.

Earwax has antibacterial properties and is slightly acidic. Without it, the skin inside your ear would become dry, cracked, infected or waterlogged and sore. The amount of earwax made changes from person to person. Some people are prone to forming plugs of earwax in their canal which can cause a feeling of fullness and dull hearing. Thicker plugs of wax can also cause tinnitus or mild types of dizziness (vertigo).

To reduce your risk of developing earwax problems, avoid putting objects into your ears, such as cotton buds, hairpins and matchsticks. As well as possibly damaging your ear eardrum or canal, putting things in your ears can also cause the wax to become lodged in your ear canal.