Mum With Hearing Loss – How Hearing Aids Helped

Hi, I’m Ess, I’m 34 years old and a busy mum of 2 under 3s!

mum hearing loss toddlers

If you’ve ever been a Mum then you will understand how important your hearing is when dealing with little ones.  I’ve had a hearing loss since birth which progressively deteriorated to severe/profound, and to cut a long story short I had worn an (unreliable) over-the-counter hearing aid for about 15 years.  However, when my first child was born I realised I could not depend on my former hearing aids, and made an appointment for a private fitting from Hearing Wales.

I really did not think anything would be very helpful, as all my previous experience (if that is the right word) had been with my former aid which was a universal ‘listening aid’ rather than a programmed hearing aid.  By contacting Hearing Wales I acted out of responsibility more than anything else – but I’M SO GLAD I DID!!!  I can still remember the moment my aid was turned on and I realised how much I had been missing… my baby was babbling but I hadn’t known! I could hear my husband with no problems! (is that good or bad??!!) The doorbell ringing, people talking, the birds singing, music playing – all sounds that I never heard clearly with my old aid.

My Hearing Aids

I currently wear a Phonak Virto V which fits completely into my ear and is very discreet.  It has a vent which ensures my ear does not feel blocked when I’m wearing it, and it is really easy to use – just pop it in and off you go.  The sound feels so natural and musical, although it doesn’t stop my youngest from sounding like a banshee when she’s grumpy…!!  My oldest child is talking constantly these days, and knowing that I could not hear him without my hearing aid makes it worthwhile for this alone.  It gives me confidence to go about the day, knowing that I will hear my children crying or any ominous noises that might occur… I used to look at other mums talking to their children as they were pushing their front-facing buggies, and think ‘I could never do that – I wouldn’t hear what the child was saying’… but not any more!!

Phonak virto v hearing aids

The service I have received from Hearing Wales has been fantastic and I cannot recommend Hearing Wales or this aid highly enough.  I’m so thankful I took the road to better hearing – and they may not know it yet, but my children are so thankful too!!

phonak virto v hearing aid mum with hearing loss deaf profound hearing wales

Ess x

If you want any advice on hearing aids, or would like to find out more about your hearing loss, please call Hearing Wales on 0800 313 4304