Deaf Awareness Week at Hearing Wales – Raising Awareness of Hearing Loss

It seems as though there are more and more ‘awareness’ days or weeks for some cause or another every year.

Most of them are worthwhile of course, and here at Hearing Wales we’re all set for Deaf Awareness Week which kicks off from 15th to 21st May.

Run by national charity Action For Hearing Loss, our team will be helping spread the message about hearing loss and deafness, conditions which are set to increase dramatically in the near future.

Deaf Awareness Week at Hearing Wales

The charity recently forecast a rise 40% by 2035

Therefore predicting the number of people suffering such difficulties will rise from one in six to one in five, as has called for more investment in treatment and research into hearing loss.

Deaf Awareness Week at Hearing Wales

Lead Audiologist at Hearing Wales, Ben Davies said,

There is a raft of information about all kinds of hearing loss and how we can help on the Hearing Wales Website, and we will be posting daily on matters relating to hearing loss and raising awareness.

Anyone wanting a free one-to-one consultation about their hearing loss concerns and the technology to help them can get in touch with Hearing Wales on 0800 313 4304.