Are Hearing Aids Comfortable To Wear?

Many people who have considered getting hearing aids have put it off for a number of reasons, one of which is are hearing aids comfortable to wear?  This may be because most of the hearing aids that they have noticed are the rather large and unsightly NHS hearing aids, that do appear to be uncomfortable.

Mr Wyn Evans from Llanelli had the same concern about wearing hearing aids, but was pleasantly surprised after he arranged for a free hearing test at his home in Llanelli.

During the 6 weeks since I’ve taken possession of my Phonak V90 hearing aid I have
very nearly taken 2 showers with them in situ; gone to bed with them in
place on one occasion; and only avoided swimming with them by the skin
of my teeth!…..That’s how comfortable and unaware you are of their
presence when compared with an NHS aid which is so noticeable and almost
uncomfortable.  Also they “whistle”-the Phonaks do not!

I must also comment on the service offered by Hearing Wales.  It was excellent from
start to finish, except it has not finished, I’ve a follow up appointment
booked for November. The audiologist who visited at home in Llanelli was brilliant,
not at all pushy and persuasive, and offered unbiased advice and factual
comments e.g. the quality of the sound reproduction of the Phonaks is far
in excess of the NHS aid. So true, I am very pleased with my purchase.

hearing aids comfortable swimming free test llanelli

So, whilst we don’t want you to go swimming with hearing aids in (!!), we do want your hearing aids to be comfortable to wear so that they go unnoticed both to the eye and to your own comfort.

To try on a pair of hearing aids for free and find out for yourself just how comfortable they are to wear, please call us on 01792650894.