Hearing loss and stress

Hearing loss can impact on our stress levels


Having hearing loss can lead to a large number of stress-causing issues and problems. Whether it’s communication issues, fear of preforming tasks without your hearing aids, or embarrassment over your hearing loss, there are ways to cope.

Here are some ways to reduce the problems of living with hearing loss and reduce the stress.

Hearing loss and stress

No matter how good hearing technology is, there will always be times when our hearing becomes an issue. Hearing aid wearers have to concentrate more in social situations than their hearing counterparts. This leads to tiredness and with this, stress is never far behind.

It can be frustrating simply trying to differentiate between foreground sounds and background noise. Crowded places and social events, such as parent teacher meetings and restaurants can make it very difficult to follow conversation. When hearing aids have to be taken out, for example when swimming, this leads to anxiety all too easily. Sometimes, people with hearing loss will experience times when hearing aids will malfunction or need cleaning and extra care.

Stress Management

The most important fact about stress is that like hearing loss, it is invisible. It also happens to be one of the most powerful forces operating in our world. This insidious part of everyday life can lead to illness, mentally and physically so managing it, though challenging is key.

“The most important fact about stress is that like hearing loss, it is invisible.”


Learning to manage your stress levels can extend your lifespan and directly impact the relationships around you at home and in the workplace

Exercise, meditation, counselling, mindfulness and plain old laughter can all be used to keep stress under control.

This article by Phil Hilton from hearing technology manufacturers Phonak is really worth a read: