“Help!! I’ve got a cotton bud stuck in my ear!”

We had an interesting appointment in the Ear Micro Suction Clinic in Swansea this week where a customer telephoned with what turned out to be a cotton bud stuck in his ear!

Mr D. Thomas from Llanelli called the office needing an emergency ear micro suction appointment.  Luckily, we offer both same day and next day appointments, so were able to fit Mr Thomas in straight away.

On arriving at the Hearing Wales branch in Uplands, Swansea, Mr Thomas presented with the end of a cotton bud stuck in his ear canal, and it transpired it had been there for some time.  He had been feeling an increasing amount of pressure and fullness in his ear for some weeks, and he was starting to feel really uncomfortable and sometimes a bit panicky!!  He didn’t realise that he had a foreign body in his ear until he was examined with our high powered microscope.

The appointment took around 25 minutes for the cotton bud to be removed and for both ears to have all wax taken away.  You should have seen how relieved Mr Thomas was when the procedure was complete!!!  He said he felt like a new man – he had been so worried about the funny sensation in his ear and had even started to wonder what it could be.

The appointment cost Mr Thomas £60 and he was given some ear care advice to leave with.  We have also recommended that he comes in for a free examination in 6 months time to find out if he needs another ear micro suction, and not to be tempted to use ear cotton buds in the meantime!!

If you have any questions surrounding ear wax, ear wax removal with irrigation or microsuction, please call us on 01792 650894 and we will be happy to help.  It may also interest you to know that we can accept GP referrals and are also able to offer both evening and weekend appointments with prior arrangement.

For further information on micro suction please read here.