Best Practice: Ear Micro Suction For Blocked Ears

On Thursday, Audiologists from all over England and Wales came to our Head Office in Swansea for an Ear Micro Suction Training Day which we had organised, to share Best Practice.

What came out of the training was how important it is to have the ear microsuction service available in all our clinics, not just in our Swansea branch.  There is a huge demand for private ear micro suction in Wales and the rest of the UK because the NHS has waiting lists of about 6 months.  And as anyone who has ever suffered from a feeling of pressure in their ears, 6 months is too long!!! Also, there are very few hearing centres and private practices that have specially trained staff in ear micro suction techniques, which is considered the gold standard ear wax removal procedure by GPs and Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists.

Subsequently, Hearing Wales has now invested even further in our equipment and specialist staff, and now has completely portable ear micro suction equipment which means we are now able to offer Micro-Suction appointments in any of our local clinics that operate in every major town throughout Wales.  We can also extend our service to provide home ear micro suction appointments for any clients with limited mobility.

This is in addition to the fully fledged Ear Wax Removal and Micro Suction Clinic in our Swansea branch that has been operating since 2014.  Here we have state of the art equipment and Audiologists trained and experienced in the very latest Ear Micro-Suction wax removal techniques.

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Blocked Ears??

With blocked ears, clients are finding it can have a huge impact on their life ranging from pain and an uncomfortable feeling in the ears to loss of hearing.  Some people find this an embarrassing problem, but this is normal for us!!  It is what we deal with day in day out, and we are very good at what we do and will make you feel better in no time at all.  In fact, it is quite amazing to see the reaction from people following a micro suction.  Most people can’t stop smiling because they are just so relieved to feel ‘normal’ once again.

Many people are unsure about whether they have a hearing loss and often ask the question ‘Do I have a hearing loss or is it just ear wax’?  Having your ears checked and any wax removed is a great way to find out, and we will provide you with a free hearing screening after your micro-suction.

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Micro Suction appointments cost £40 for one ear and £60 for two ears, and £80 for a home appointment.

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