A New Lease Of Life With Hearing Wales

This week’s guest blogger is Mrs Aylwyn Thomas from Morriston in Swansea.  Mrs Thomas is wearing Phonak Audeo V30 hearing aids which she purchased from Hearing Wales Swansea branch in January this year with a 5 year warranty, 60 day money back guarantee, and life time aftercare.

My New Lease of Life With Hearing Wales!

“I’ve been deaf for a number of years,  probably not realising it because my mother was deaf.  The volume of the television was always very loud, we had to shout to make her hear!!  As a teenager when I visited my aunt, she used to say “speak quietly, ladies don’t shout” and then when I arrived home my mother would say “speak up I can’t hear you”.  My mother had an operation on each ear, so we had some respite for a few years, but with age her ears started to deteriorate again.  It wasn’t until after her death that I realised how deaf I was, and how it was affecting my family and friends.
I sought help initially from my doctor who referred me to an NHS consultant.  She arranged for me to receive an NHS hearing aid, which I couldn’t get on with.
My neighbour eventually recommended that I contact Hearing Wales which I did.
I met Ben and his receptionist.   I was treated in a professional and  friendly manner.  Ben understood my needs.  My hearing was tested, and found to be lacking.  Ben helped me choose my hearing devices which are very small and unnoticeable – he even took a photograph of my hair to match the colour to the aids.
invisible hearing aid not noticeable hearing aid discreet hearing aid wales
The benefit means that I have a new lease of life.  I can now enjoy visiting the theatre to listen to plays and dialogues, which I couldn’t before. 
In addition I must add that the after service is excellent.   Batteries can be purchased without visiting the premises, and Ben tests my hearing regularly to ensure that the volume and tone is correct, and that I haven’t suffered any further loss.
I can only add that  Hearing Wales thoroughly deserves it’s five star accreditation. “
Aylwyn Thomas