Young musician flies high in spite of hearing loss

News that your hearing is deteriorating is  difficult for anyone to handle, but if you’re a musician it can be a devastating blow.

In an uplifting article in the Huffington Post rising young musician Sivu speaks candidly about the impact of Meniere’s disease on his career and how being a hearing aid wearer hasn’t stopped him releasing a new album.

‘Sweet Sweet Silent’ reflects his journey coming to terms with having Meniere’s disease and hearing loss.

Sivu -Sweet sweet silence Vevo

Speaking to the Huffington Post he said:

“Everything around me froze. Music was my life and I would be completely lost without it.”

Ben Davies, Lead Audiologist at Hearing Wales said:

“Hearing loss can be very difficult to handle. But it can be managed and the right hearing aid technology and professional care can make the world of difference to a patient’s lifestyle and future.”

If you have concerns about your hearing contact Hearing Wales on 0800 313 4304